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How Do I Add You In My Email Safe List?

To ensure you receive our emails you should add us to your safe list. To do this please follow the appropriate instructions below:

Windows Live Hotmail

Click 'Options', then 'Safe and blocked senders' under the 'Junk e-mail' heading. Next click 'Safe Senders' and then add the address newsletter@cashback.co.uk to the list of safe senders.

Windows Live Mail

Click on 'Safety options' in the 'Tools' menu. Select the 'Safe senders' tab, then click the 'Add' button to add newsletter@cashback.co.uk to the list.

Yahoo! Mail

Click 'Mail Options' in the 'Options' menu on the top right of the screen. Next click 'Filters' under the 'Management' heading, and then click the 'Add' button. Add newsletter@cashback.co.uk to the' From Header' and select 'Inbox' in the 'Move the message to' box.

Google Mail

Click 'Settings' on the top right of the screen, then 'Filters', and then 'Create a New Filter'. Add newsletter@cashback.co.uk to the 'From' field. Click the 'Next Step' button and then tick 'Never send it to Spam'. Finally, click the 'Create Filter' button.


Select/highlight a message you have received from us, then click 'Make Address Book Entry' in the 'Special' menu.


Click on the 'Mail Options' arrow and then 'Address Book'. Next click the 'Add Contact' button and enter newsletter@cashback.co.uk in the box.


Click on the 'Mail Options' arrow and then 'Address Book'. Next click the + sign with 'Add' beneath it. Enter newsletter@cashback.co.uk in the screen name section.

Microsoft Outlook

Click 'Junk e-mail' in the 'Actions' menu. Next click 'Add sender to safe sender list' and add newsletter@cashback.co.uk to the list.


Click the 'Address Book' icon, then click the 'New Card' icon. Enter newsletter@cashback.co.uk in the Email box.

Hexamail Guard and Spamfighter

Please add newsletter@cashback.co.uk to your whitelist.

MailShield, McAfee Spamkiller, and Spam Inspector

Please add newsletter@cashback.co.uk to your 'Friends List'.

Norton AntiSpam

Click on the 'Status & Settings' tab, then 'AntiSpam', then click the Yellow Configure Button. Next choose the 'Allowed List' tab and then click the 'Add' button and add newsletter@cashback.co.uk.


Right click on the 'SpamPal' icon in your system tray and select 'Add to Whitelist', then add newsletter@cashback.co.uk.

F-Secure Internet Security

Under 'Spam Control', click 'Advanced Settings' and then 'Allowed Senders'. Add newsletter@cashback.co.uk to the list.


Click 'Tools', then 'Blacklist & Friends', and then click 'Add'. Make sure 'Plain' email address is selected and add newsletter@cashback.co.uk to the list.

Other Systems

Please add newsletter@cashback.co.uk to your address book.
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