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Member Testimonial
Mark Ovens I was very sceptical when I found the We Promise To website, however after seeing an initial few little amounts go in to my account after trying a few links, I went full on into it, and have now made almost £425 from regular purchases, and playing on the gambling website's. It really is free money, you cannot lose. Follow the links, get the cash. Simple.
Edmond Karimzadeh I enjoy many benefits of We Promise To, this includes finding new and competitive offers for products I wish to buy, and also being rewarded for them. Some products are even profitable to order from We Promise To, e.g. subscribing to a trial of a magazine, and being rewarded more than the price of the trial! Looking forward to more great offers.
Lisa Burt I have made over £114 with We Promise To and would say it is the best cashback site there is. Highly recommend, thanks We Promise To!
Hayley Seymour We Promise To has been an easy way to earn cashback that always tracks. they include all the top retailers so it is easy to earn cashback. It is also well updated and a great site to use.
Luke Gratton I joined We Promise Tos not to long ago and did quite a few of there cashback offers as they've so many of them, and then this week i received my first check for £70. Well chuffed, "its exactly as it says on the tin"!!
Jennifer Mcmillan I have been with We Promise To for a while now and I think its fab I love the offers and the forum, recently I had a problem of not receiving a cashback cheque and my question was answered promptly and a new check is on the way fab A+++, have no complaints, love this site have told my friends about it.
Angela Garry What can I say about We Promise To? Great offers, great deals, great cashback. And great support too - whenever I've had a query, I've been responded to quickly and politely, with sensible and helpful answers.
Rosemary Adcock I think We Promise To is a great site. Since joining in 2004 I have earned £290 for simply buying things I would have bought anyway, and some of the money was earned by taking freebies! I joined a few of the gambling sites and not only got my initial stake back via the We Promise To cashback but also won about £30 in total as well.
Carol Hanner I enjoy using the Forum, because members are so friendly, and they go out of their way to share bargains and freebies with everyone else!!
Alan Stewart I have been using We Promise To for a couple of years now. I have earned a total of £117.72, just for clicking on links from the site to shopping sites. It's virtually money for nothing.
Colin Burton We Promise To is great. No tracking problems, as Dire Straits once said "money for nothing"
Sian Broughton I have been shopping using We Promise To since August 2003. I have used the site for purchases that I would normally make anyway and so far have earned £319.64 cash back. I have also recommended the site to my friends who although none of them have reached the threshold yet have benefitted from internet savings as well as receiving cash back into their We Promise To account.
Paula Chester We Promise To is the best cashback site for me as I buy most things online anyway and the added bonus of being able to search out different shops selling similar products in one place is so handy. I also find that my questions are answered very quickly and the team are always friendly.
Marion Perkins I've been using We Promise To since October 2003 & since my 'welcome bonus' I've never looked back! I wouldn't dream of making a purchase via the internet without first checking out if there's a We Promise To bonus to be had! That green pop-up box is always a welcome sight on my screen :-) Top marks to all concerned - and a special mention to Ernie Fortune of course!
Daniel Barrett I would like to compliment We Promise To on its hard dedicated work and its rewards. I haven't really bought anything via the site just used the free search engines etc just to try and add to my total and it seemed to work fine. There is so much on there and the fact that you get rewarded for really doing nothing is a bonus in itself. Apart from the shopping facility, there is the opportunity for forums where people can discuss various topics such as problems, freebies etc. I came across this site via a friend and I didn't really believe it until I tried it, but when I did try it, I became addicted and use it every day. Over all a FANTASTIC site.
Ian Oliver Had many good experiences so far when using We Promise To. Always use that as my first port of call when shopping online as you basically get free cash just for clicking through their site!!!! Had one payout already and due another soon. When I first started using the site I thought there must have been some catch, been using for quite a while now and cant believe how easy and straightforward it is!!
Charlotte Nicol What a fantastic way to shop, living where we do the internet is our saving grace. Having all the different sub sections means that I can research all the different web sites for not only the best We Promise To cash back, but also the best buy. It is easy to use and I have my family trained to make sure any site they want to use to check We Promise To first! A totally selfish request would be maybe some equestrian sites.
Cheryl Cottrell I didn't have much faith in We Promise To when I first joined simply because I thought it was too good to be true! But the truth is not only is it THAT good, but it's TRUE as well! I can't believe all the time that I wasted! Money mounts up in the blink of an eye, and you WILL be paid! A Great Site, A Great Bunch of Members and A Great Bunch to be earned! Join us now and don't let another earning day slip you by!
Joanne Hodgson We Promise To is a fun, easy to use site with fantastic offers and sometimes outstanding cashback for doing or spending very little. I love this site and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make a bit of cash with minimal effort. I watched my balance rise almost everyday and I am now a life long member of We Promise To.
Charles Stewart I have been with We Promise To for over a year now and have been delighted with the good deals offered and the cashback is icing on top of the cake. Thanks We Promise To
Peter Walter I have been using the We Promise To website for just over two years, and have been claiming cashback on things I have to buy anyway - like car insurance, house insurance which usually pay really well, as well as general Christmas and birthday presents, and even a new computer, etc, etc. and I am now approaching a total of £300 cashback over this time. Cashback is usually added really quickly and where there is a problem I have found that the support system works really well and you always get a polite response.
Natasha Markland I have been your customer for a few years now & continue to be pleased with your services. The number of retailers is growing, and the cheques always arrive promptly.
Julian Moorcroft I have enjoyed shopping via We Promise To because of the generous cashback so far received. I have so far shopped for DVDs, car insurance and breakdown cover and also completed other special offers that come up from time to time. A totally worthwhile experience and long may it continue. I always look forward to the We Promise To cheque coming through the post!
J Zhou Got a good quote from Prudential for car insurance, We Promise To made it even better by £50 pounds cash back. The amount has eventually been credited to my account. Look forward to the cheque soon. It is such a bonus for something you will pay anyway.
Emma Harris Hiya! Since joining We Promise To I have become over £180 richer! Great news because I'm getting married in September and need all the cash I can get!
Sarah Ward I find We Promise To has a wide range of different offers with very good cashback amounts. It often makes me visit suppliers which I normally wouldn't - which has often resulted in me getting a cheaper deal than I normally would. Cashback is normally added promptly and all queries are dealt with efficiently. All in all I love visiting the We Promise To website to see what the latest offers are!
David Douglas We Promise To gives you quick easy free money, that can't be bad!
Ruth Williams I find We Promise To brilliant, have earned over £200 doing my ordinary online shopping. I would definately recommend it!!"
Craig Maddocks I think We Promise To is great. I earn money for the things I would buy online anyway! I've introduced a few people to this as well so earning money from their purchases is also a bonus!! If you buy anything on the net you'd be daft not to be a member!!
Justin King A cheque in the post every month for simply buying stuff you want anyway. This site is awesome and you'll wonder how you lived without it! Highly recommended
Linda Munson Hi my name is Linda and I've recently become a brand new Mummy to my first child Muse. I love shopping and bingo and since having my baby have had the luxury of going out whenever I want limited so finding We Promise To is a god send . . . and the cashback makes it easier to accept! Already recommended it to my sister and plan to email everyone I know about it!
Michael Edwards Iíve only been a member since the start of this year but what a ride itís been! In just 7 months Iíve earned well over £100 from We Promise To just for doing the shopping that I would normally have done any way. I clicked on the Coke Zone sign up page a while back and registered my details with them and We Promise To gave me 22p for doing it. The big shock is that Iíve won a prize from Coke Zone (thanks to We Promise To). Iíve won a V.I.P. holiday to New York. My Wife & I will be staying at the Waldorf-Astoria, theyíre even giving us spending money! All this is thanks to We Promise To. Keep up the great work.
Hannah Williams I wanted to send this quick e-mail to say that We Promise To is an absolutely fantastic website and I'm so glad that I have been introduced to it!! The money-back idea is a great one and it really has changed the way that I shop online. I look forward to seeing new retailers coming onboard and I'm sure I'll be a loyal customer for a long time to come...
Chris Bone We Promise To is a great website for earning Cash back on all kinds of purchases. Not only for simple things like DVD, but gambling or Holidays. I've had nothing but good experiences with We Promise To. There support is second to none, with fast helpful responses to any questions you might have. I would certainly recommend We Promise To to friends, in fact I have done!!
Phyllis Nelson I have nothing but glowing praise for you guys at We Promise To. Where else could you EARN money whilst spending it! Any time I have had any queries they have been dealt with quickly and efficiently by helpful staff and any time I shop over the Internet I ALWAYS look up We Promise To first to see if the site is among the retailers listed. Thank you We Promise To. Keep up the good work, you are all doing a great job.
Claire Payne I have found We Promise To a wonderful experience! Not only do you get to earn a bit of cash but you have all the shops you need under the one site! The service is very fast and friendly! Brilliant! I've never stopped speaking about how much I have earned with you guys! Keep up the good work!
Mark Dowling I've been a We Promise To member for a few years now. It's great to be able to get a bit of cashback when you buy things.
Abbiegail Charles I must admit when I first was sent the link I thought that We Promise To was a bit of a scam, but after trying it out and receiving my first £25.00 I am hooked and now always use and check out the deals. Thank you!!
Lauren Grover When I first joined We Promise To I was dubious about whether or not it was a genuine site....the offers seemed too good to be true. But much to my delight my cashback total started increasing and then the We Promise To cheque arrived at me door ....brilliant site!!! Before you buy anything on the web check We Promise To first to see if the site is available through them...money for nothing!!!
Malin Sicolo My name is Mal and I heard about this great site called We Promise To from my big sister. I'm amazed that I'd never heard of it before as it gives you money for virtually everything - it's a definate MUST for anyone who shops online!
Steven Proudlock Since joining We Promise To over 4 years ago i have earned myself over £250 cash back by just easily clicking on the sponsored sites on the website or via the email links sent to me.
Sally Page I have been earning cashback on We Promise To since July 06 and it really couldn't be easier. Since I order online fairly frequently, using We Promise To means that I can make a bit of money each time I make online purchases. There is a large selection of retailers who have signed up to We Promise To and on the whole cashback is credited very quickly. Any queries are quickly dealt with by the team and whatís more, the more you earn cashback the more bonuses you get from We Promise To. I would highly recommend a We Promise To account
Carole-anne Clark I'd recommend We Promise To to anyone. You can earn money just by doing your regular shopping, but accessing the online stores via the link on the We Promise To site means you get cashback based on the amount you spend.
Angela Ramsden I just love We Promise To! Easy cash or what! Gives you the opportunity to discover sites you would never have visited before. What did I do without it? It was recommended to me and I, in turn, recommend it to all my friends. Keep up the good work!!
Sarah Cheung We Promise To is a great way to earn a bit of extra money on top of your internet shopping, as well as find some great deals on the internet! The site is easy to use and the support is excellent! Sarah
Jane Harvey I've been a member of We Promise To for over a year and check the website before making any purchases to make sure I don't miss out on discounts from retailers listed - I regularly shop from Marks & Spencer, Boots and HQ Hair and have got fantastic deals on house and car insurance from Zurich including excellent cashback. With very little effort, having We Promise To as my homepage has enabled me to get added value from my online shopping and I look forward to receiving my rebate cheques on a regular basis. I've earned over £200 so far!
Ian Taylor We Promise To is great. Always on the ball, and up to date with the cashback in my account. Fantastic.
Carl Slater Hi this has got to be the best cashback website you are so fast with the cashback and its easy to use thank you so much.
Gemma Frostick Hello, I'm Gemma I've been with We Promise To for 6 months now and I have already had 3 cheques and earnt over £250, all the people and staff at We Promise Tos are so helpful and friendly. They have a great help service and I've received every cashback that I'm entitled to. It's so easy to make the money so give it a try. What have you got to loose.
Carol Plumb Since my retirement 18 months ago, I have found We Promise To to be an invaluable way of supplementing my pension and itrquote s so easy too! Any problems Irquote ve experienced with getting cashback have always been dealt with courteously, promptly and, most important of all, positively. Many thanks to the whole team at We Promise To!
John Sullivan
Just to say that this is a great site and I hope to make plenty of money by following the deals that I find.
Stephen Bryce Been a We Promise To member now for a couple of years, I've managed to save cash as well as get cashback for goods purchased, keep up the good work
Elizabeth Dodd I earned £100 on We Promise To just by renewing my home and car insurance through the website. It really is a great way to make quick cash and the tracker means I never miss out on cashback.
Gary Legg My wife suggested I sign up and when she explained how it works I thought it was too good to be true. No-one gives you money for nothing. But it really is true this time. Have earned over £100 in cash for just a few clicks and found some great bargains in the process. Even just buying the childrens xmas presents online through We Promise To got me cashback. Will definitely keep going and have got some friends lined up too, so more cash for the referrals.
Amy Glithero I have been a member of We Promise To for around 24 hours, and I have already made over £10 through cashback and various offers. I will definitely be sticking around, and using We Promise To's links when doing online shopping in future!
John Robinson Hi I am 32 come from Manchester, I have 2 kids a boy and a girl Work for a big pop making factory and am a Computer Software Analyst I'm 6 foot tall am a Man Utd supporter Love We Promise To and earning cashback
Julia Howell I have been using We Promise To for some time now and I have seen it improve. It is a great way to earn some extra cash on the internet doing things that you would be doing anyway. I would recommend it to anyone.
Catherine Phillips Great getting cashback cheques as a bonus for shopping I am doing anyway….this is a great bonus too!
Carol Brown I have not been a member very long and I am amazed how much money I have made just by spending the same as I usually do? ok perhaps this is an unusual month ...but money for shopping ? it works for me :)
Kirstie Healey Hi I'm Kirstie and I have been with We Promise To now for a couple of years. Over that time I have earned cashback on many things from Simple Searches for a few pence to Bingo for £12.50! I am hoping to hit a grand total of £300 very soon.
Belinda Findlay I've had quite a few payouts from We Promise To now and have always received them promptly. I find the search facilities are good to use when pricing products and then you can click on the relevant supplier through We Promise To to earn you more money back.
Colin Munson Hi. My name is Col and I've recently become a daddy for the first time to my little girl Moo. Loving every minute of this new experience and even more now that I've found this website to save money on all the essential things needed along with a few luxuries!
John Cassidy I love this site. It's where I go whenever I want something new. I just love surfing around looking for something new, something exciting, and there's always something, as well as I a great place just to top up your account by clicking on a few excellent and financially rewarding retailers!
Paul Curran What else can you want, shop and earn money back!!
Barney Goodall We Promise To is a fantastic site and such a good find! Whatever you are buying there will be a retailer who offers cash back on the purchase, meaning you get essentially get a discount on everything! Also there are loads of other ways to earn cashback on other offers, and i've found some excellent offers which have led me to use the services full time. All i can say is a Thank-you We Promise To!
Vaughan Fredrick I've been a member of We Promise To now for over three years and for the first two and a half I really didn't see the value of it, but in the past two months I have been doing a little bit of extra work at the site and not only have I earned nearly £90 in cash I have also won £180 pound in prizes and had a great deal of fun. As they say, you've got to speculate to accumulate, and that is certainly true at We Promise To. I love you guy's. Come on now feel the love as well!
Aaron Bradshaw When I first started using We Promise To I was dubious as to whether it would work or not. With the first 5 weeks I'd earned my first £25 so I just had to wait for the cheque to arrive. Once it did I couldn't believe how easy it was. I continued to use it religiously, checking if a retailer was listed before I bought anything online (in most circumstances it was). I raised over £120 of money for nothing!
Emma De Maria My experiences of We Promise To are all good ones up to date!
Angela Hambidge Fantastic, I have earned over £200, buying things I would buy anyway.
David Rayner I had to be told twice to use We Promise To, you get so blase about signing up for websites, and then forgetting it about it. My number one tip is "It is easy to forget that you must first login to We Promise To before visiting a retailer website especially when you hesitating about making a purchase and are going back and forth"
Martin Pickett Whatever your want and whether you be "Sir" or "Mam", You'll find all the right prices here at We Promise To.
Emma Perry WOW! With over £344 earnt to date buying things I would've bought anyway I love We Promise To and recommend it to all my friends as it really is MONEY 4 NOTHING! NO CATCH, NO GIMMICKS Just cashback for nothing - nothing to it so give it a go, what have you got to lose but free money!
David Bayliss I have been with We Promise To for a couple of years and have earnt over £200 cashback without too much effort.
Neal Murphy I've received over £100 just for buying items on the internet that I would be buying anyway, so it really is free money! With the websites on We Promise To sorted into categories it really is easy to find what you're looking for. Try it for yourself and make yourself richer!
BJ Ramsey When buying online i always check on We Promise To to see if what i am buying anyway can earn cash back it is that easy and a £25 cheque every so often is always lovely
Melanie White I always use We Promise To for anything I buy over the Internet, provided the retailer is on We Promise To. I have had a few problems with cash back not being added, or added then taken away, but generally my 'ticket' has been dealt with speedily and accurately. I have recommended We Promise To to my work colleagues and my family, and we are all active members now. I myself have earned a lot of money by using this service, and it is a lovely surprise when I receive my We Promise To cheque. I usually treat myself to something nice with it. Great service and keep up the good work. Would like a few more competitions though, We Promise To and retailers.
Tom Briggs So far I've made just shy of £250 through We Promise To without spending anything more than I would have done anyway and very little extra hassle. Can't sniff at that! They're affiliated with many of the places I already choose to spend my money, so I can stay loyal to the companies that have given my good service whilst shaving a few pence of each purchase.
Laurens Hayton I have found that We Promise To makes me money and gets me good deals for things that I would have got anyway. It has also made me aware of some great offers that I would otherwise have been unaware of. Thanks.
Tim Duffett We Promise To should be your first stop whenever you go shopping online. This cashback site gives you free money as long as you log in there first before visiting a retailer. The site is attractive, easy to navigate and has a great forum packed with useful ideas for saving money.
Dominic Adatia When I first saw We Promise To I thought it was a scam - Who would give away free money? But having used it for a few months, I have made nearly £100! Very impressed.
Anita Rothermel My experiences with We Promise To have been great. Whenever I am going to order something on-line I always check to see if the supplier is registered with We Promise To. It is amazing how the pennies add up - I will certainly continue to use this site and have told several friends about it as well.
Abbey Carter I love We Promise To!! I have earnt £278 and all i have had to do is visit your website to buy what i need - FAB! I have been able to treat my boyf to a night out on the town and have a flutter on the horses through the online betting shops and earn money for doing it.
Paul Walker I have always found We Promise To a great site to use before I purchase anything over the internet because they Pay You to shop . I've received two cheques from We Promise To , no problems.
Mark Campbell I have been a member now for almost a year and I have so far earned myself over one hundred pounds. I know it is not as much as some members have made in a month but the extra cash has come in very useful for me. I am looking forward to when my car, home, travel etc insurance are due as I think I may well be doubling the amount I have already earned in one month. Keep up the good work
Mohammed Elemara We Promise To is an excellent site, and has made online shopping far better value. An excellent idea that has paid off for me. Who needs the highstreet!
Keely Cocks We Promise To is an excellent website, since joining a couple of months ago I have made over £90! Cheques are sent out promptly at the beginning of each month and friendly staff always reply quickly to any queries you have. I have recommended We Promise To to all my friends and family, itís a great way to make some extra cash!
Kevin Gorey Great site....£200 casback and counting!
Glenda Hayes
I would like to say thank you for allowing me to become a member of your site.
Dan Tierney We Promise To has been great for me to get extra money as I am a uni student and every penny counts, I recommend it to all my mates at uni, and we're all addicted!
Martin Lenihan Although I haven't been a member of We Promise To that long, I have found it a great joy to use and have been surprised at how quick (and fairly priced!) you are credited your cash back and points!
Ian Rawcliffe We Promise To has changed the way I use the internet for shopping. It is now always my first port of call and I try wherever possible to buy from the retailers registered on We Promise To to increase my cashback. I suppose the quest for cashback becomes quite addictive, especially the 'quick cash' style offers and it feels like a real bonus to actually earn money for mundane activities such as renewing your car insurance. I'm amazed that I have to date accrued almost £100 in cashback. That is a discount of £100 off things I would have bought regardless of my We Promise To membership. How can anyone afford not to register?????? In the instances I have had to contact We Promise To to investigate missing cashback amounts, the response has always been first class Keep up the good work!
Urvi Shah I have been a We Promise To user for about 4 moths now and I absolutely love it!!
Angela Eadie We Promise To is fab.
Rachel Bailey We Promise To is by far the best cashback site there is. It has the best offers and cashback is paid in a timely manor and seems to accumulate really quickly. Long may it continue.
Mark Holt Canít fault We Promise To, the more I spend the more I earn! :-)
Jonathan Campbell
Cheers for paying me to buy goods and services I already had to buy! Jon
Anthony Wheeler We Promise To. What can I say? Well, this is a fantastic site. Just by using it for "have to" purchases like insurance and checking prices on the net it CAN NOT be beat. Cheapest services and products and by the end of the year half a months wages or more paid to you. Whoopee!
Alan Sinfield We Promise To is absolutely brilliant...
Matthew Arthur I discovered We Promise To a year ago and have used it many times since. There is a great range of retailers available and even the opportunity to make some quick cash. I use it now whenever I shop online, and make back some money in the process. What have you got to lose?
Joe Mumford I've only been a member of this site for a few weeks, but I can't help myself from daily checking the site, to see what new offers there are, and anytime I shop online the first site of go to, is of course, We Promise To.
Philip Winter I can't recall how I came across We Promise To, but I'm pleased I did. I've had two sets of cashback so far - the cheques came in really handy. Perhaps something should be done with the name? I can see where it comes from, but when I recommend it to friends it takes a bit of explanation! But that aside, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.
Miriam Orisan Having joined We Promise To I am amazed that online retailers and websites will give me cashback for shopping, entering competitions and even signing up to newsletters. Its fabuolous and feels like something for nothing. Thanks you We Promise To. Miriam Orisan
Tracy Eynon I'm always amazed at how many of my favourite companies are on We Promise To, and if you take time to browse through the offers, you'll be surprised just who is on there! Even though I have been a regular customer with one online store, I can still use my We Promise To codes and get discounts and cash back - it really couldn't be better!
Beth Diamond I am not a big online spender, but when I do buy something, I like to know I am getting good value. We Promise To not only helps me find a good buy, but also I get the bonus of cashback.
Lee White As the old saying goes "money for old rope". That is exactly what We Promise To is. My wife registered ages ago and to be honest I thought it was all a con until the cheques started coming through the post. Usually about £30 a month, so I decided to get a piece of the action. I am not very good with computers but find this site very easy to use.
Lianne Millard I've been with We Promise To for a few years and its lovely to receive a cheque through the post every few months. I've never been one to say no to 'free' money, so to be paid for doing what I would be doing anyway suits me perfectly. More often than not while browsing online, I earn cashback through the rebate catcher which I would otherwise have missed, and over time those pennies certainly help the main total tot up. I've never had a problem with cashback so a great big thanks to We Promise To for a reliable service and a great idea!
David Simmons hello if your new to We Promise To i bet your wondering what its all about. well let me tell you cash for nothing thats right cash for nothing, i have earned over £250 quid just trying out bingo sites daily clicks and insuring my car. also after you reach the low payout level of £25 pound We Promise To give you another £2.50 reload bonus so what are you waiting for
Zoe Crosskey When I first heard about We Promise To I was somewhat sceptical - it sounded to good to be true and I thought there had to be a catch but no We Promise To really does reward you for doing your shopping.
Heather Hanaway I would recommend We Promise To to anyone. Who can resist an opportunity for free money! Retailers are all high street names too so no worrying about whether to trust them.
Simon Warren-Smith I'm a business adviser and I joined We Promise To after a business came to me with a similar proposal - so I researched the competition and found you - and joined! I also went back to the business and told them to forget it as you were already doing it better than their proposal! I've earned £111 cashback so far and saved a lot of money from the insurance deals too.
Hailey Thornton I've been a member of We Promise To for a good few months now and have received a couple of very nice cheques. I find that it affects how and what I buy online as I always check out We Promise To first to see if I can find a retailer and what cashback is on offer. I've told my friends about We Promise To and advise them all to sign up
Louise Brady I have been a member of We Promise To for a while now but on in recent months did I achieve a high enough balance to receive a cashback cheque, the moment it hit the half floor, I ripped it apart and was like a little child all over again. now I regularly visit the site and try and apply for as many offer as I can, just hoping that I may get close to that £25 target again
Iain Wilson We Promise To is great! Cashback from online shopping is nice but for me the best features are the paid offers for online casinos and gambling sites - often the rebate is equal or greater than the deposit required so you literally cannot lose! Recently I completed 3 casino offers and on top of the cashback rebates (which were more than I deposited!) I won over £100 on the sites! I would recommend We Promise To to everybody
Alex Quilter We Promise To is an amazing site. Not only have I earnt FREE money just by spending a few minutes looking at the offers, I have actually earnt money by spending! Also We Promise To has given me opportunities to benefit from some fantastic offers!! Thank you We Promise To!
Neil Hudson Although I haven't yet earnt enough for a payment, it's been fun to watch my account build up and I'm looking forward to my first cheque. The site itself is easy to use and let's face it, being paid for shopping is a bit of a no-brainer.
Gordon Dallas I've been a member of We Promise To for over a year and have enjoyed accumulating cashback, both for items which I would have bought anyway and through sites such as casinos which I might not have joined otherwise.
Polly Combe When a friend first told me about We Promise To ages ago - I was initially wary, but once I started looking at all the shops appearing and the cashback offers on your website I was hooked! Now when I want to order goods online I always check We Promise To first. Sure enough I've received three cheques now, and over £100 in cash back in just a few months. Another added bonus is being able to read other people's opinions on the website - people like me who are honest about what they say as they have nothing to gain or lose in writing their review. I'll always choose a site with good reviews as I know I can trust fellow We Promise Toers!
Sue Wand I've found We Promise To to be a wonderful way of securing a bargain. Not only does We Promise To supply a comprehensive list of suppliers for everything from activity days to zinc supplements, but with the addition of cashback you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal on the internet.
Chris Kelly I have been using We Promise To for years and find it easy to use and very satisfying when the cashback starts to add up. Full of useful features to ensure that you don't miss out on cashback like the reminder service and the cashback tracker. I use We Promise To when I'm buying online and want to find out if I can get cashback, but I also sometimes just look through the retailers and try to find out what I can buy and get cashback on. It's a great site and I have always found the support staff very helpful.
Anne Abrahams I've been a member of We Promise To for some time now, and have received over £250 cash to date. Any problems are always dealt with quickly, and let's face it - it's money for old rope !!!!
Brian Healy Getting paid to shop is fun and rewarding, and We Promise To is my first online stop whenever I need to buy something online!
Chris Graham We Promise To has been great. You are buying the stuff anyway so why not get cashback? Have always been great at sorting any problems with cashback. :o)
Jessica Lansdale I've recently joined We Promise To after having been referred by my boyfriend. He joined some time ago and has always highly recommended it.
ColinJohnson Hi I have been around for a while and have used We Promise To for a number of years a great site with equally good rewards. Even though I have now retired I still look around for the odd bargain and what better place to start than We Promise To.
Karen Billington Been a We Promise To member since 2005, received my first cheque last year and will be receiving my second shortly. I really enjoy using We Promise To and will continue to reap the benefits in the future.
Helen Legg Been a member of We Promise To now for just over a year now and clocked up £400 in cashback. Fantastic site if slightly addictive to see how much cash you can earn. My husband and I are in competition.
Edwin Chappell We Promise To is a great site for me but it has one big drawback - I keep wanting to buy more stuff to get my next cashback!
Sally Robinson I was very pleased to receive my cheque for £50 for simply switching my insurance to Lloyds!

Julie Shaw What a brilliant site, I have earned over £200 cash back since joining and have recommend to you to friends so they can earn cash back too. It is a simple idea that works really well and most retailers add on the cash back quickly, I have had the odd exception with one or two retailers not giving cash back but as I never buy anything that I was not getting anyway you can not lose out. On these occasions We Promise To has done their best to ensure that all cash back due has been added to my account.
Patrica Osbourne We Promise To is well set out, bright and cheerful, has many and varied retailers. I think it's good to have a Click History that you can look at. I look forward to reading the Newsletters, as well.
Colin Cooper I found We Promise To completely by accident. At first, I kept forgetting to search via the site, and consequently lost a lot of cashback. Now, the first thing I do when I log on is make sure I'm logged in to the site. I've had two cheques so far, both arrived promptly after the closing date. I've referred three workmates too. Keep up the great work.
Janine Fulton I have to say that I love We Promise To. I have found it to be by far the most reliable cashback site as my cashback is almost always added without me having to query it. I have earned over £150 so far and that's really for doing very little work! So thanks for all you hard work and the We Promise To site and keep up the good work!
Sara Rush "I love We Promise To and would never consider making an insurance purchase without it! The cashback is great, we use it to treat ourselves. It certainly makes buying necessary things FAR more enjoyable. The Cheques come quickly after the purchase and the site is so user friendly, if I can use it, anyone can! I can't believe I ever bought anything online before without using We Promise To!"
Deborah Britstone I've been a member of We Promise To for a good few months now and have received a couple of very nice cheques. I find that it affects how and what I buy online as I always check out We Promise To first to see if I can find a retailer and what cashback is on offer. I've told my friends about We Promise To and advise them all to sign up.
Erika Metcalfe I've got We Promise To to thank for paying my internet bill each month. Thank you!
Pamela Hincks We Promise To is great! I've just received my second cheque and am feeling flush! I'm not a big spender so it takes a bit of time to build up enough to receive the money, but slowly but surely buying a CD/DVD at a time those pennies all add up. It's also worth making regular trips to the fast cash page as these quite quickly add up if you do them all. What could be better than something for nothing?!
Mudassar Khan We Promise To is a great, fun fast way to earn EASY money. From the simple links to
the awesome cash backs. I love it, and will continue to use it!
I've referred many people to it, because i think it is deffinately worth it. I'm glad i found it, it has absoloutly been worth my while.
Rachel Cullip We Promise To has been and continues to be a great way of making money through your every day buying online! Being a stay at home mum means I have a way of making a bit of extra cash...how cool is that!!
Anne MacMillian I have used We Promise To for just over a year now, and am glad I found out about it. In that time I have been delighted to receive almost £130 in cashback.
Annie Culleton I've been a member of We Promise To for well over a year now and have been very happy with the service and the cashback I've received. I've earnt over £300 for very little spending on my part, I find it really easy to use and if occasionally, any cashback doesn't track then the ticket submission process works really well and I've been really impressed with how quickly We Promise To respond. I also think the refer a friend scheme is very generous. A very happy member!
Samantha Miller We Promise To is fabulous! i have 3 under 3s so do a lot of shopping online and spend lots of money at Boots.com - now i can get some of that money back without doing anything extra. I have also had great delas on all my insurances - it really makes shopping around easy! I love We Promise To!
Denise Hurst Great site! Earn extra cash for doing nothing - and no spam.
Phillippe Gautier I've been using We Promise To for a bit over a year and it's been absolutely fantastic. My friends usually have a hard time to believe me when I say I receive money for nothing! I am only using We Promise To to buy things that I would have bought anyway, but I earned £142 so far. Checking the We Promise To website before buying anything became a reflex! Plus, every time you get paid, you have an additional £2.5 bonus, just like that! I recommend We Promise To warmly!
Paul Milligan I've been a member of We Promise To for over a year now I think and stumbled on it completely by accident. I admit that I was very sceptical at the suggestion that I can earn free cash simply for doing things that I would normally do on the internet anyway, like renew my insurances and switch my gas and electricity. After I had done the things I immediately needed to do, I registered on a few gaming sites purely for the cashback but find that I do actually use them regularly. I wouldn't have thought it but there have been a couple of times the cheque has come through and I've been desperately needing some money and I'd completely forgotten about We Promise To so I get a nice hundred quid on my doorstep out of the blue. I've referred a couple of people but I think they share the same scepticism as I did and as yet haven't earned anything, but that's their loss. I'll be using We Promise To for a long time to come and I can't understand why anyone would choose not to. Half of the retailers on there are sites
Jonny Ingledew I first came accross We Promise To last year after reading about it in an article. Since then i've been hooked! It's great fun looking through the pages and taking up various offers. The email alerts are great and keep me up to date with current offers. At christmas I used it to do all my shopping and it gave me cash back on all tyhe shopping i needed to do, saving me a small fortune! It's been a whirlwind romance! And i've thoughroly enjoyed the time i've been a member of the We Promise To
Tom Woolverton We Promise To is fab! So far I've made little over £130, and most of this has come from cashback services which I would have spent money on anyway. The staff seem pretty fabby too - the odd rare occasion I had when the cashback was not credited, I went through the helpdesk and within 24hrs the money was in my account. If only my bank were as efficient! What's to loose by joining? How about the chance to make/save a couple of hundred quid!
Isaac Saul To date I have earned over £235 and have actually received £189.98 so far. I had to scan a cheque for my mates to belive it actually works but every other month or so I get a cheque for £30-£40 - which is pretty cool for doing what I would do anyway... It's a great way to get 'money for nothing' now as Dire Straits puts it all I have to get is my 'chicks for free'!!
Val Thomas The helpdesk always reply very nicely it is not their fault that some retailers do not pay up even when I must be on their files as they have communicated with me and I always go through We Promise To home page or newsletter link .
Deborah Robinson I bought most of my wedding needs using companies sponsoring We Promise To and earnt lots of cashback in the process. We Promise To is just great when it comes to saving money in times of huge expense.
Neil Bhatia We Promise To is a fantastic idea. No hassle of trying to choose how to redeem your points you just get cash. Also the rebate catcher is amazing you donít even have to click through We Promise To and it tracks your purchases. I have earnt over £100 through purchases I would have made anyway.
Paul Kendall I have been a We Promise To member for some time, and have enjoyed the opportunity to boost my income by earning money on fun items and activities, as well as on purchases I would normally make anyway! With a great selection of online partners, and payments sometimes of over £20 per transaction, We Promise To should be used by everyone
Crispin Fisher We Promise To has helped me gain a great deal of cash back from a host of companies when carrying out every day transactions such as insuring my car, taking out break down cover, booking rail tickets or booking holidays. The system is simple and straight forward and the extra cash always comes in handy. I've recommended the site to a number of friends all of whom have enjoyed the discounts and cash back offers available.
Karen Milton We Promise To is the easiest most reliable way to earn money out of shopping on the internet, with the widest selection of retailers and first class customer support. With regular payouts for everyday purchases, such as car insurance as well as treat purchases.
Jeff Moses Free money, items and cashback for shopping!!! My first cheque is being sent and I'm more than happy. Thanks.
Cathi Smith I have only been using We Promise To for short while and cannot believe how good it is. I have received over 70 pounds for purchasing things I needed anyway. Like I said, unbelievable! We Promise To rocks!!!
Steve Bassett I couldn't believe it when I first found We Promise To, I do most of my shopping online anyway so the idea I could earn cashback on it was great, but so many internet sites promise and never deliver I didn't really believe it could work. All my fears were put to rest when I got my first £25 cheque and I've never looked back - all my purchases now go through We Promise To and I can even earn a little extra when I do searches for items with comparison sites
Stephanie Couch We Promise To is the best website I have ever been recommended to! I have made over £200 from it, just by doing my normal shopping for insurance and clothes etc. Has been great and I have told all my friends about it!!
Alison Woodward I am a more recent convert to We Promise To and cashback - I have been a member for 18 months but have only just got canny with my pennies. I think that what We Promise To has shown and given me is a desire to make my pennies count (pounds too!), it is not just about saving money but actually making money on purchases I would have made anyhow. I have a lot of friends who thought it was some kind of con, but showing them the rewards is slowly changing their minds. I recommend We Promise To wholeheartedly as a good place, with good people and great cashback opportunities.
Rupen Shah I have been a We Promise To member for about a year and I can think of no other way of earning extra cash with little effort. I simply purchase goods and services online as I always did but now I get cashback in my We Promise To account. I have already had one cheque from We Promise To and am due another soon. I have also been impressed by the quick customer service when cashback doesn't appear in my account when I expect it. Keep up the good work and look forward to many more opportunities to earn more easy cash.
Carla Shailes I have earned over £80 by just purchasing through my usual online retailers & am thrilled to have reduced our household expenditure at the same time.
Brian Peto I joined We Promise To in the beginning of February 2007 and have regularly used them since joining, mostly to open accounts with bookies that I would of opened anyway. So by doing it through We Promise To I have earned about £60 so far through bookie sites! Free money! I also love the magazine deals on here, great discounts on great magazines and you also end up with cashback, and sometimes a free gift with the subscription.
Jeff Spalding Thought We Promise To was to good to be true that is until I got my first cheque! Feels like you never have to pay full price for anything!
Bill Yarrow I have used We Promise To for some time now, and buy most things through it, as I get good discounts, which are normally added to my account in timely fashion. On the single occasion that the retailer slipped up, We Promise To quickly got the matter rectified. I would recommend this site to all who purchase via the Internet, and advise all retailers who want to increase their sales to get themselves listed.
Daniel McGowan We Promise To is excellent as it allows you to get money for doing nothing! You just have to click to sites through their one. Just opening a bank account can gain you a fair amount. As a student this is very useful as you can then use the free money for other things...or could save it for something large.
Kris Tompkinson I am so glad i found We Promise To. I am A house husband and will find the extra cash very useful for christmas. I will just keep the money in my account until then. Thank you.
Peter Guthrie What a great site! I'm earning money for things i'd have bought anyway. Keep up the good work.
Andy Stephens Just like to say what a great service We Promise To is and I now use it for all of my shopping needs!
Angela McKenzie I found We Promise To just by chance after browsing the net, not actually looking for anything in particular, and am I glad I did!
Helen Duffett I had never even heard of cashback sites until a friend told me about We Promise To. I thought it sounded too good to be true: getting paid to do my shopping online.
Sean Gribben We Promise To is the site to visit if you are planning any purchase. Best examples are home and contents insurance, motor insurance and applications for credit cards. By going to We Promise To I have so far received money back from companies that I was going to use anyway!
Jane Ryder I don't use We Promise To as much as some people but I'm glad I joined. I'm almost at my first £25.00 just by using several catalogues and some special offers. I have We Promise To set as my home page and check new offers every day. I'm not able to take up some offers as I don't currently have a credit/debit card. I mainly use Littlewoods, Additions and JDWillams as and when I want something. I think it's a great idea to be able to earn cashback on your purchases.
Angela Fish I love We Promise To and always try to remember to use it before clicking on any other website first. I am a working mum so I don't get much time at all to go shopping on the high street. I love the cashback offers, after all we all love a good bargain don't we, and sometimes it's a bargain on top of a bargain too! Happy shopping and await that Cashback!
Stephen Rooney Didn't think you ever got something for nothing but yeah, in a couple of months i have made about £20 for buying stuff I would have bought anyway - car insurance is up next , lots of tasty deals to come my way, lots of free money hopefully ;-) Cheers Steve
Alison Duffield How can you not love We Promise To, just do ordinary things on the internet and get paid for doing it - now that is what i call i good deal. As a new mum who is not working at the moment but who spends a lot of her free time on the internet this is a perfect way to earn a bit of extra cash. I only signed up about a month ago and already i have earned over £24 by registering on bingo sites (won a bit of money on that too) and signing up for various survey and opionion websites.
Marco Valim I just tried the site JackpotJoy and it was really easy to get my cashback. I am not into gambling as a matter of fact but it was fun to spend some time playing some of my favourite games for free and get some real cash for it. Thanks We Promise To...
Amy Godsland I have been a member of We Promise To for about two years now with no complaints. The service is top notch; help is never too far away! I've made almost £70 with little to no effort at all.
Kevin Lea My name is Kevin Lea (Toner lab) and I have been using We Promise To now for almost two years. I was amazed at how easy it was to get cash back on purchases that I made through the website. All I had to do was become a member (and got £2.50 in my We Promise To account to start with) and make the same purchases that I already do on the internet just using We Promise To as a portal.
Louise Champion We Promise To is brill....an easy way to make a few quid by doing nothing out of the ordinary....love receiving my cheques....Hurrah for We Promise To
Katie Outram Thanks to We Promise To, I can now make money when I'm shopping! I shop online as I can usually find items cheaper than on the High Street and by using We Promise To, the savings are even better thanks to the cashback I receive.
Peter Woodhead We Promise To is a wonderful idea. I have earned over £100 without doing anything i wouldn't normnally do! i would recommend it to any one rich or poor, young or old.
Rowland Stephen Just wanted to say that this is a great site and I look forward to receiving my cheques each month.
Darren Robbins Since joining We Promise To I have been paid £138.07 to date and have made some great savings too. My PC mags saved me so much with 6 issues of PC Computer for just £1!!! If you think that's good I just did a search on my car insurance and got it down to £570 this year instead of the renewal quote from my current insurance company of £615 and that's not including the £65 cashback either! And as soon as you get paid you get £2.50 paid to your account right away to help you get to your next payment. I recommended We Promise To to most of my family who are also using We Promise To and now I am recommending it to you. With Thanks to a great team and a great website :D
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